From Our Pastor

Pastor Mitch King


October is a wonderful time of year.  The fall colors are festive, the leaves are exploding with color, pumpkins and hay bales are a common sight, and the evenings are cool and crisp.  October is also a very busy month filled with a multitude of activities.  It is a great time to go camping in the mountains or even to visit the coast.  There are apple and pumpkin festivals to visit, corn mazes to explore, and as the end of the month approaches, many churches will be holding fall festivals or Trunk and Treat events for families to enjoy.

Sulphur Springs Baptist will be holding its annual Trunk N Treat celebration event on Tuesday, October 31 from 6:00 to 8:00pm.  It is a time for hay rides, hot dogs, and candy for the kids.  More importantly, it is a time for us as a church to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors.  We attempt to use this event to share the Gospel with those who may not personally know the Savior.

 As October 31, 2017 approaches, I am grateful for a 31st of October that took place 500 years ago.  It was on that fateful day when Martin Luther sparked what would later become known as the Protestant Reformation. His seemingly simple act of tacking up a series of religious concerns about the shortfalls of the Catholic Church on the castle door in Wittenburg Germany led to the recovery of the Good News of the Gospel.  For centuries, the pure, simple truth of Jesus saving sinners by grace alone through faith in His finished work on the Cross had been buried under the traditions of the institutional church.

This courageous monk had the conviction from God to stand for the truth of the Gospel, even when opposed by the Pope and most of the church leadership, and placed under sentence of death.  God used Martin Luther to bring the Gospel back to a place of prominence, and to assist the faithful in the renewal of a regenerate church outside the control of the papacy.  All genuine Christ-followers owe a debt to this German Monk for his service to the Kingdom of God on earth. 

So as we enjoy the month of October and celebrate the goodness of God during our church festivals, let’s remember to keep the Gospel in the grasp of the people.  Our generation of faith is still reaping the rewards from those who labored to have the Gospel freely proclaimed.  This would be a great time to research the life of Martin Luther and the other reformers and discover what an incredible journey of faith they traveled in the face of stiff and powerful opposition.  We owe it to them to remember their sacrifices on behalf of the Gospel, and to ensure that the Gospel freedom isn’t lost on our watch. 

Staying the course together,


Pastor Mitch